We are a company that has been operating for over 3 years and have bases in both Ireland and the US, so that orders can be fulfilled in the most efficient manner.
These are authentic images of towns and places in Ireland, taken between 75 to over 100 years ago.
We offer stand alone images (if the image is in colour and you want a Black and White only version, tick the box) and images mounted and framed in a standard size frame. If you want a framing or mounting option that is not available, just let us know. We will do everything we can to satisfy your requirements.
Standard sizes offered are:

16”x20” print, or mounted in a 20”x24” mat, or mounted and framed
12”x16” print, or mounted in a 16”x20” mat, or mounted and framed
8”x10” print, or mounted in a 10”X12” mat, or mounted and framed

The framing option includes a 'ready to hang' black wooden frame and a low glare acrylic facing with a double mount. The 'banner' product is the 12"x16" print, double mounted and framed option. These images look particularily impressive at this size and make a wonderful wall hanging. Click here to see 2 examples of our framed product.

We also offer an impressive poster sized alternative (20"x30"). Due to the size of the print, delivery of the framed option may take longer than the standard time. The poster prints look amazing and very nicely reflect the age and beauty of the images.

Prices are quoted in Euros and Dollars, starting as low as $19, with an exchange rate that reflects the current actual rate of exchange between the Euro and Dollar and also the differing tax environments, with the shipping address determining the currency applied (US and Canada in Dollars, Euro everywhere else). Euro prices include VAT. You can complete the purchase transaction online, either using your Credit Card, or PAYPAL
If required, you can ship to a friend or relative. Simply provide their address on the Shipping page and add any message that you would like to send.
Happy searching!